At this memorable times we are facing the general availability of PHP 7.0.0. It is a huge celebration occasion for everyone along the core team, folks who test, report bugs, research security, document, publicize or contribute in any other ways from around the world. As much as bringing the huge performance improvements and many new features like scalar and return type hints, 64-bit consistency, new Exception hierarchy and a lot of others, all the more PHP 7 reveals, how considerable the community foundation actually is.

Every contribution counts. It were not thinkable to see PHP reaching to the top in the extent observable today without the strong support of so many, be it individuals, open source projects or even companies. The society of PHP is something that supplements PHP as a programming language, and that has a very special value and power. We, all around the world, having many various interests and speaking many different languages indeed speak same – PHP.

Let’s drink a glass champagne on the PHP community! The next PHP version is already on the horizon, and we know what is the force that keeps driving it up.