During the last weeks we’ve read a lot about the community around the language PHP. And it seems to have influenced a lot of people.

And usually all the ideas about the community evolve around abstract ideas like learning or encouragement. Usually it’s all about non-monetary things.

But sometimes that’s not enough. And in those times the bonds of the community are strong enough to collect money to make things possible for fellow PHP-Coders that otherwise would not work. Whether that’s collecting money to bring a community member to the community or to collect money for the bereaved of a community member. People that can and want to, give a small amount. And these small amounts from a community add up. And make things possible.

And it’s one thing to reach out to the community to tell good stories. But it’s a completely different thing to reach out in bad times. To reach out and ask for help. But exactly that is it, what makes up a great community. That people dare to reach out in bad times and ask for help.

Yesterday I’ve seen this tweet by Cal Evans.

Go, follow the link and have a read.

Let’s stand together and make this christmas an unforgetable one not only for a kid but also for its parents. Because we can!