I spent my whole career writing code. I consider myself as a Jack-of-all-trades – I know a bit of everything when it comes to development, CI/CD, SEO, UX, project management, and probably many other branches. While this is very useful in some situations, I saw my limits much quicker when it come to learning some things in-depth.

I even started to search for a job thanks to which I could move from writing code all day to something where I could use my broad knowledge. I imagined myself as a project manager with a technical background. Luckily, out of the blue, I got an offer to work as a WordPress Ambassador at Buddy. I’ll be honest – back then I didn’t have a clue what a person like this does, also I was a bit skeptical because I was sure that it will require talking with people (and I learned PHP so could limit those contacts).

It’s been almost a year since I started working in Developer Relations and you know what? This is a true dream job for people like me. First of all, I don’t have to code all day, but I still get enough chances to do so. I learned that I love talking with other people – this was the biggest surprise for me. I also discovered that I’m a pretty solid webinar host and organizer.

What is most funny about this is the fact that all of this started with an “echo ‘hello world’” many years ago. So if you feel, that you are getting tired of coding all day, but you still want to use your technical skills, maybe DevRel is also for you?